40 Days to Prosperity


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In this program you will discover the inner you, the presence within you that is the moneymaker.  In this program you will: 

  • You will receive during the 40 days videos with explanations of the principles you will be learning
  • Worksheets to be filled each day of the 40 days
  • Understand and know the source of abundance
  • Realize the real cause and effect of abundance and how to harness its power.
  • Understand why fear and doubt blocks the flow of abundance
  • Understand the principles of the Law of Prosperity
  • Learn why your wonderful imagination is a key to abundance
  • Learn why pining, longing or wishing does not bring abundance
  • You will develop a deep appreciation for yourself and your life.
  • Learn to focus only on what you desire


This program is designed to allow you to acknowledge and accept abundance in your life in a systematic way.

  • 40 is a number of completion.  40 days/nights of rain; 40 years in the wilderness; 40 days/nights Moses on the mountain; Jesus in the wilderness
  • 40 days shows a definite commitment to follow this program.
  • It takes a sustained period of time to develop a new way of living
  • Open the gates of abundance by knowing cause and effect.
  • You will prove to yourself that this is real.  That these keys work.
  • This program requires your commitment of time and effort
  • You will go from thoughts of lack and limitation to abundance and prosperity.


When Beverly Jones and I met, I knew immediately that she was going to change my life forever. Her presence is calming, her smile is lifting . . . After getting to know each other, she asked me what it is that I wished to change, remove, or improve in my life. I answered right away - “my anxiety about my health.” I was scheduled to undergo extensive testing to follow up on my history with cancer. Just the thought of needles and scans and cold examining tables made me sick. This anxiety has been something I have dealt with for years, and it often left me feeling helpless and scared. With her meditation and relaxation techniques, Beverly Jones literally saved my life. After just two short weeks of practicing the powerful process, I walked into the hospital free from anxiety and fear, and felt relaxed, repeating to myself “I am healthy.” I even slept through the octreotide scan that I had previously feared the most! I highly recommend Beverly to anyone who wishes to improve any aspect of their life - please, do yourself a favor and reach out to this amazingly gifted woman!   - Blair

I wanted to tell you when we started the Commanding Your Life Coaching, I was totally skeptical. How wrong I was! You have truly assisted me in sharpening my focus and grounding me with my meditation tape. My concentration is much more directed and negative thoughts are reversed into positive ones. Thank you so much Beverly. I am better because of your coaching!

Warm regards,

As a Certified Hypnotist Coach, Seminar Leader, International Speaker and author of three enlightening books, Beverly helps you learn and apply techniques to your life desires, enabling you to realize real change, mentally and physically.  She assists in clearing away stumbling blocks to success and is a master at peeling away the layers of limiting thoughts that keep a person from fulfilling their dreams.  Using proven processes that tap into the Alpha and Theta Brain wave states of mind, she teaches how to become the master of your own destiny.

Beverly helps to empower you to change your mental programming by neutralizing the negative voice and then reprogramming your mind towards success.  This change opens you to the potential of creating a new reality for yourself.  Within a short amount of time, you begin to live life from a completely new perspective, naturally and easily.

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